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Included in each kit
:Order invoice.
:Core Moto clutch line retail packaging.
:Core Moto clutch line with proper length, banjo bend angles, mounting grommets and colors according to your model and order details.
:All new low profile stainless steel banjo bolts with lightened heads.
:New copper crush washers.
:Installation and brake bleeding guide.
:Core Moto stickers.

High performance braking is not just for the race track!
Get more from your brake system with Core Moto Performance Brake lines

How to order:
STEP 1 :Choose Your Line Color.

STEP 2: Choose Your Banjo End Fitting Color

STEP 3: Choose Your Logo Tag Color.

Hardware included:

All Core Moto Brake line kits come with CNC machined stainless steel banjo bolts and annealed copper crush washers.
Our stainless banjo bolts have a low profile head with a lightened concave dish in the top for weight reduction and a nice finished performance look.


Why are stainless lines better than rubber?

OEM rubber hoses expand and swell, especially under extreme braking conditions. This expansion results in what is often described as a spongy feel or brake fade. Most motorcycle manufacturers recommend that your OEM rubber brake lines be replaced every 4 years when used under normal conditions. Core Moto Performance lines are good for the life of the motorcycle.

Core Moto lines do not expand under pressure or fatigue. All braking input is transmitted from the master cylinder directly to the calipers, giving you complete control, feel and feedback from the final point in the braking system. Total brake response and performance is improved with this often overlooked yet simple modification.


Core Moto stainless steel brake lines are made using only top grade materials and construction. Each line features an inner core Teflon® hose wrapped tightly in a cold drawn high tinsel 32 strand stainless steel braid. All lines are then coated with a flexible PVC outer shell for superior strength, corrosion resistance and abrasion protection. Available in 21 color options.

Line material from other companies may look the same but the real quality lies in the chemistry and composition of the materials being used. Our Teflon® core stainless steel lines can be bent 18,000,000 times before rupture compared to only 750,000 bends of the standard PTFE used by some other companies. Our Hoses have been batch tested to 18,000 psi without failure. (normal motorcycle braking pressure is 800 – 1,000 psi) Most companies only test assemblies up to to 5,000 psi. We choose to use line material that out performs industry standards.

Core Moto Stainless Banjo Fittings.
All Core Moto banjo fittings are CNC machined and polished high grade stainless steel. (NOT ALUMUNIM) Even our Colored banjo fittings are stainless steel. With 12 different colors to choose from, we have the largest selection of color options on the market. Finding the right color option for your custom look has never been easier. Core Moto also offers 24K plated and real Titanium banjos for an additional charge.

Core Moto color banjo fittings are NOT aluminum, they are NOT COLOR ANODIZED. So, color fade from sunlight exposure as seen in anodized aluminum banjos is not a problem with Core Moto brake lines. Our Stainless steel end fitting (NO UV FADE) colors are achieved by a specially developed powder coat material and process specific to our application and product.

Core Moto Branding.
Here at Core Moto we are proud of our brand and the quality it represents, all lines come with a full lifetime warranty. Therefore we incorporate several unique identifiers into each brake line we make. The Core Moto name is stamped into the swage collar on every line we produce, this is what we need to see for warranty service. Additionally some of our banjo fittings will show a laser etched Core Moto symbol on the end. To complete the custom look Core Moto offers 10 different logo tag colors to choose from.

Blacked out Collars
For those that choose not to shine we have you covered, literally. Our “Black Out” feature will cover the collar with adhesive lined thermo formed covering. This added feature COMES STANDARD on all lines we make at no additional charge. If you do not want this feature, you must request (no black out) in your order notes at time of purchase. Otherwise this covering can be removed by the end user if desired.

Core Moto Mounting grommets and stiffener tube boots.
All Core Moto brake lines come with silicon mounting grommets or boots. While other companies still use oil based rubber boots or heatshrink that tend to dry out or stain hose material, Core Moto made the change to black silicone in 2010. Our custom molded boots are installed on the stiffener tube where the tube transitions to the flexible line in the proper location, holding the hard tube secure to the line. Core Moto was the first and as of 2017 still the only company that makes silicone 3D molded stiffener boots.


Line routing configurations.

Unless stated in the product name above the main image, all line kits are for NON ABS equipped bikes.

MX Routing: This routing type is for long travel suspension bikes such as, dirtbikes, enduro and supermoto applications.
MX style lines will have a long hard tube (STIFFENER TUBE) pre installed on the line area of the line where minimal flex is desired. This tube is intended to keep the hose portion of the line straight and free from coming into contact with the tires under suspension compression. It also acts as extra abrasion protection in areas where excessive suspension travel related friction is present.

Correct bolts for installation are supplied with all brake line kits.

STOCK LENGTH= Any time the term “stock length” is used in our descriptions or options, this means that the line kit you will receive will fit a specific motorcycle that is in stock condition and equipped with the factory brake system components. This term DOES NOT mean that the brake line kit we make is exactly the same dimensions as your OEM brake line. When we fit a brake line for a specific model we do not always make the line lengths, routing and end fittings the same as the factory rubber hoses. We measure, construct and catalog our line kits and fitment data in a way that we believe works best for our aftermarket brake lines on each factory model.

Modified bikes: Our line kits are designed to fit bikes as equipped from the factory, therefore certain modifications done to a motorcycle may affect line fitment. These modifications include, but are not limited to aftermarket, replaced or re positioned handle bars, risers, rear sets, calipers, caliper locators, master cylinders, extended wheel bases or any items that may interface with brake line mounting and routing. Also, bolt sizes and threads are not the same on all motorcycle brake components. Core Moto will send the correct bolts for orders based on OEM hardware the motorcycle requires unless requested by the customer. It is the customers responsibility to take all modifications into consideration before placing an order. If you have any of the above modifications please contact Core Moto before your purchase. Customer spec lines may need to be made. typically there is no added cost unless unusual line lengths, odd or extra hardware is needed.

We construct all orders according to the options you choose when making your purchase. Unless requested we will use our build data we have on file for each model motorcycle when we build your line kit. We only accept returns if a mistake was made by Core Moto in the construction of the brake line. If you are unsure or have questions about fitment please call first, we can assist you and are happy to make custom brake lines to your specifications.

We recommend that all brake lines should be installed and bled by a qualified mechanic. Before operating the vehicle, the brake system should be cleaned and fully tested for proper function, steering and suspension clearance and inspected for any signs of fluid leakage.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: All Core Moto brake lines are listed as USA models and years ranges. It is the international customers duty to research and determine if your vehicle has any important differences from USA models that may affect brake line fitment or function.

Some motorcycles can use up to 10 lines for a front and rear brake system, however this is not common. If your application requires more than the most common 2 front 1 rear line set up, the kit will be priced according to the total amount of individual lines required.

Additional information


CBR1000RR: 04-07

Clutch Line Color

Solid Black, Solid Kawasaki Green, Solid Red, Solid Yellow, Solid Silver, Solid White, Solid Blue, Solid Orange, Solid Pink, Solid Gold, Solid Lavender/Purple, Solid Bright Yellow, Solid Sky Blue, Trans Red, Trans Blue, Trans Green, Trans Smoke/Carbon, Trans Orange, Trans Yellow, Trans Magenta

Banjo Color

Polished Stainless, Solid Black, Trans Red, Trans Blue, Trans Gold, Solid White, Solid Orange, Solid Kawi Green, Trans Green, Trans Purple, 24K Gold Plated, 100% Real Titanium

Tag Color

Orange w/black text, Dark green w/black text, Kawi green w/black text, Blue w/black text, Red w/black text, White w/black text, Gray w/white text, Black w/white text, Black w/orange text


Stock length, +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6 Any longer email us.

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